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Laurel Highlands Hat Trick
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Updated 11 months ago
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11 months ago

Anybody ski all 3 hills (LM, HV & 7S) on the same calendar day?

I know of 1 person that did, and sadly, it wasn’t me.

11 months ago

Don’t know their names but 2 snowboarders did it. 1 rented at the springs then they went to Hidden Valley and lastly laurel where the rental shop took back the rental eq.

best snow at the Valley, best hill Laurel and park at springs.

11 months ago

I have done Seven Spring / Hidden valley in the same day.   Haven’t done the triple…yet.   

Google maps puts it at 31mi / 56min to drive to all 3.   

11 months ago

The group I ski with has an ongoing challenge for the 3 Snowtime hills- to ski every trail at all 3 in 1 day, then make it back for dinner. . Sort of like the Disney challenge, or the Brady Bunch amusement park challenge

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