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Denis - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

its on Mt. Hood, an 11,200 ft. volcano 55 miles east of Portland Oregon.  Days 18-20 of skiing for this season are now in the books, done there.  It’s an annual trip with a group of Seattle mountaineers that I have now done for almost 20 years.  We stay in the Silcox Hut at 7000 ft.  This year’s trip was the best ever, principally because my daughter came with me.  I have not seen her so excited about a ski trip since she was a little girl.  She booted up to 10,400 feet. She didn’t have skins or climbing gear but booted up anyway and hit the sun softened corn with perfect timing.  Now she is hooked and is going to be buying touring gear.  I didn’t have the energy to keep up but just skied the near out of bounds sidecountry where the corn was perfect.  She went with the young hard men and hard women.  They all said they don’t really need me to come back next year, just send Kathleen.  I hope they were kidding.😀.  BTW truly great corn is not found in bounds at ski areas.  Compaction of the snow by skiers ruins the chance for it to attain true greatness.  Only nature can do that, and on her own terms.

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