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Snowshoe during Thanksgiving?
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Updated 5 months ago
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5 months ago

Is it typically a crowded time period? My wife and I both noted there wasn’t a ton of people on the webcams (today) compared to other weeks.  Can anyone give perspective about this year and years previous?  Does it pick up on Friday?


5 months ago

It will feel crowded b/c there is not much open.  They say 11 trails but it’s Spruce and Gandy feeding into that choke point leading down to Ballhooter.

Then there’s 2 top to bottom green runs feeding to Powder Monkey with another choke point above the terrain park.

I had fun last weekend, but set your expectations accordingly.  It will definitely be busier on Friday.

5 months ago

Did you get out?

I sampled the goods on Saturday.  Fortunately the rain held off most of the day, though there was a nasty fog/mist that thickened with time.  Not the best day but hey I was skiing.  Crowds seemed a little more than last season, not a problem just had to be cautious at the usual trail merges.  I heard Friday was a great day.

5 months ago

I was there Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.  Friday was nicer: somewhat cloudy but no precipitation.  Based on the weather forcast I expected the worst on Saturday but what rain did fall was pretty light - more like a slight drizzle, and sporadic.  It was pretty much just a mild annoyance and probably kept the place from being crowded, which suited me fine.  We never had to wait more than a few minutes in any lift line.  Sunday looked awful as we left: steady rain with heavy wind and fog.  I was glad we had picked that day to come home.

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