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Pennsylvania Dedicated Skier Program discontinued
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one month ago

The little known but popular Dedicated Skier Program was discontinued via an email announcement to current participants. The Pennsylvania Ski Area Association sold a package of 24 vouchers that could be exchanged for an all-day lift ticket at most ski areas in Pennsylvania. The most recent cost per single voucher was under $40 per pass. There were no blackout dates. The vouchers were fully transferable and several could be exchanged for the same session making for great value for a skiing family that otherwise could not afford season passes or other discounted multi-day passes that did not have such liberal use policies.


August 28, 2020

Dear Robert,

We want to thank you for being a loyal Dedicated Skier in Pennsylvania. You have been part of a unique program that has both supported and shown your commitment to skiing in the Keystone State.

As you know, the options available to frequent skiers and snowboarders all across the country have exploded in recent years. There are season passes and resort partnerships that access all regions of the country and serve all frequencies of users – and the rates for these offerings are more competitive than ever. Most individual resorts are also offering advanced purchase and special rate pricing options that invite daily visits at great values.

With this landscape in mind, the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association has made the decision to discontinue the Dedicated Skier Program offering. We encourage you to reach out to your favorite resorts and explore their pass and frequent visit options. 

We appreciate your past and future commitment to skiing and riding in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.


                             Linda Irvin - PSAA Executive Director


This program along with their 4th and 5th graders pass program literally enabled my wife and me to introduce our children to skiing during the time in our lives when we were struggling to adjust our budget to a single income and the added expense of child-rearing.  In recent years we’ve used the dedicated skier program to keep our Millennial and Gen Z kids skiing as they both work hard to maintain their financial independence. What really sucks is the PSAA chose to wait to make this announcement after all the discounts for season passes have expired. We already made our pass purchases based on our participation in this program.

This action reinforces my belief that ski industry gentrification will ultimately kill the sport. This era of high prices for walk-up ticket sales and low price season passes are great for those already dedicated to the sport and have the disposable income to make a large financial commitment to skiing but discourages low-income individuals or new young families who might be interested in giving the sport a try but balk when confronted with the cost of daily lift tickets, rentals, and lessons.

I suspect that the reasons stated for discontinuing the program are not the full story. I’m left wondering if Vail Resorts pulled out of the program and PA’s larger resorts that I suspect bore the brunt of this program no longer wanted to be the chief financial support of the trade association. 

one month ago

I have not heard of this program until now and I usually ski in Liberty & Whitetail  Did one need to be a PA resdient to take advantage of it? 

one month ago

fosphenytoin wrote:

I have not heard of this program until now and I usually ski in Liberty & Whitetail  Did one need to be a PA resdient to take advantage of it? 


No. In fact, the person who told me about it is a West Virginia resident. The PSAA never publicized the program.

one month ago

WOW I never knew about the program very nice. 

28 days ago

I never heard about this program either. I hope this isn’t a prelude to the 4th and 5th grade ski pass being discontinued.

21 days ago

wfyurasko wrote:

I never heard about this program either. I hope this isn’t a prelude to the 4th and 5th grade ski pass being discontinued.

It is also D/C’d.

Email from SkiPA PSAA: PSAA 4th / 5th Grade Snowpass Suspended for the 2020-21 Winter Season

Snowpass Program Suspended 
for 2020-21 Winter Season

Due to our current inability to guarantee complete fulfillment of the offerings traditionally promised with our popular 4th & 5th Grade Snow Pass, PSAA Member Areas have made the difficult decision to suspend the offering of this product for this upcoming season. 

Winter sports resorts in Pennsylvania are currently exploring all of the safe and exciting ways we will be able to welcome guests to our resorts this upcoming winter season. We are diligently working with the National Ski Areas Association and state and local officials to ensure our winter sports playgrounds are open and ready to accommodate anxious skiers and snowboarders. 

There is still much unknown about the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 virus, and as such, all of our state resorts intend to remain poised to make adjustments to our operations as needed in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our guests and employees throughout the entire winter season.

We hope that all youth and their families will still commit to getting outside and enjoying winter sports in the wide open spaces and fresh air found at all of the Pennsylvania winter sports resorts! 

You will be able to find links to and updates about operations at all of Pennsylvania’s resorts, all season long, on our skipa.com website.


Thank you.

Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association (PSAA)

White Haven, PA 18661



20 days ago

Hopefully, it will be just for this season. 

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