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Shift by airline industry away from change fees
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Updated 27 days ago
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter
28 days ago

My flights for ski trips in recent years have all been on Southwest airlines.  One of the reasons was because SW doesn’t have any change fees.  The big airlines are announcing that they are shifting awaying from change fees.  So far, I’ve heard form United and American.  I gather Delta is doing the same.

While Southwest goes to enough places out west for me to stick with them as the primary airline, the fact that United flies to Bozeman is of interest for a trip to Big Sky.  American flies into Aspen and Steamboat.

Makes no difference for the upcoming season, but in the future it opens up some new options.

27 days ago

It was on last night and tonight’s natonal news.  Per United Airline and American Airline websites, the change is permanent.  I wonder what does permanent mean in this context?  As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever.  I should not complian though, rather I shall take advantage of it while I can.  

Airfare is rather cheap these days.  For e.g., President’s day weekend trip next Feb, DC to Boise Idaho round trip is only $183 on UA and AA, $256 less than average cost compare to past years.  

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