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COVID - means planning and each Country, State and County has different rules
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17 days ago

Running the race team I have to look at many states now and forward look. Not fun this year because of the forced rapid change we all have gone through. 

Just data no politics you decide. Each human will decide regardless of government mandate if they choose to “Self Preserve” 

WHY does all this matter to pre-planning? ah - Because if you fly a State may impose a quarantine upon arrival. 

BWI to SL Utah at 245$ Round trip in Dec is a steal.  

In Ski Racing we actually have rules that work for all states and all countries with standards by ASTM, CE, and Governing bodies.

-Everywhere uses different metrics and close open metrics. Kinda crazy for sure. 

France, Spain and Israel all are heading to a lockdown again and all use the same metric but different rates.  Infections per 100,000. 

USA is the same each state different counts and metrics. 

An interesting set of data is produced by Hopkins their case positive rate removes multiple tests on a person. MD Covid Positive rate is total tests.  https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/us/maryland     Using Hopkins case postive data 28 States are above the 5% recommended. 

Good news is the death rate is falling beacuse of better thearpy and less hospital resource use by 30% each. 

The notion more tests = higher rate is no longer true we peaked at daily testing in MD. We are rising in the 7 day moving avg of cases unfortunately.  

many racers are over 60, first number age for risk level. I am just below 60 and still have a 4 for risk. 

Look Ahead is hard, the projections on infections I can trust out 1 month, they do not look promising. Out to Jan 1.. 

We do see companies preparinng for a increase in cases in December. 

Not an easy year to plan - hang in their.  Each State will list the state you travel from and if you need to be aware.


marzNC - DCSki Supporter
17 days ago

It’s definitely hard to plan ahead when travel restrictions change weekly.  I’ve been following NM because I have a trip to Taos planned for February.  Meeting up with friends from several states so we are in different situations.  The following summary is a start, but it’s not always the entire story.  For instance for NM it sounds like a 14-day self-quarantine is the only way.  But in fact at this point having a negative test 72 hours before arrival is sufficient to avoid the need for self-quarantine.  So it’s always better to look around for the official rules on state website.

As far as I can tell, CO, UT, WY, ID, MT are unlikely to impose travel restrictions.  On the other hand, NY and New England states are working hard to keep people from outside the region away.  VT has the most stringent travel restrictions, which even apply to people in VT counties with higher rates than “low risk” VT counties.

updating weekly, started Aug. 7, NBS News

U.S. states and territories are making new rules for travelers. Find which ones across the United States have implemented travel restrictions to curb the spread of COVID-19.



marzNC - DCSki Supporter
17 days ago

As for tracking the situation in multiple states, I tend to look at CovidActNow the most often.  If you scroll down to Trends, it’s easy to compare a state with others to see regional differences or similarities.  Can compare Cases, Deaths, and Hospitalizations.  I also look at rt.live to see whether community spread is increasing, stable, or decreasing.


8 days ago

not easy even for experts… https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-states-of-america?view=infections-testing&tab=trend&test=infections

each state and country is different, we shall see the pattern by mid November. 

the link above I ran - CO, UT, VT and vermont looked better then the rest. all do show a peak. 

I use projected infection rate and have no clue as to each state;  what they will do if the infection goes up like in Spain and France, UK, etc. 

many are a low risk. as in not on the CDC lisk of risk. 

I did get Reg Fu shot sat and get PPSV23 Pneumonia booster in 2 weeks. Vitamin D is always low - I have to supplement it.

Not just weather planning, work planning, money planning but now covid planning. Add the reading what is covered by insurance and if you can move a date or move to next year. 


8 days ago

covidnow thanks for that tip :o)   


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