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Congratulations Otto: Level III PSIA
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one year ago

I can’t recall if this was discussed here earlier.  Slipped under my radar, but I recently heard that Otto Matheke attained his Level III PSIA ski instructor certification this winter.  Believe Otto has been instructing at Liberty Mtn, PA since 1993.  Super instructor and nice guy.  One of the very first contributors to DCSki with articles dating back to the ’90s.  Having observed first-hand through my son’s experience what is involved physically and technically to pass the Level III skiing exam I am super impressed when a “veteran” individual climbs this final rung of the certification ladder.  Congrats Otto!

Here are some details from Spring 2016 PSIA-E newsletter:

Level III College

Our first Alpine Level III College was held at Killington this March. Fourteen Level II members gave their best during the first three days of exam preparation and the final two days of assessment. Rick Svencer and Keith Hopkins made sure these candidates skied every condition Killington had to offer. During the assessment on Thursday and Friday, five members were successful in all three performance areas, thus passing the Skiing Exam. Congratulations to Terence Barrett from Whiteface, Jon Lyons from Elk, Otto Matheke from Liberty Mountain, Robin Reid also from Liberty, and David Terney from Peek ‘n Peak. Join us in commending everyone who participated in this five-day event for their hard work, dedication, and determination! It was an intense week of skiing and coaching, and everyone should be proud of their efforts regardless of the outcome.

one year ago

Funny, I read that just this morning as well. Level 3 is a great accomplishment.

Congratulations Otto!!

Denis - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

Congratulations Otto.  Thats a magnificent achievement for someone who joined in 1993.


one year ago

Congratulations to Otto!

The Colonel

11 months ago

There a whole bunch of stages to pass to actually get the certification. The one previously mentioned was part 1 (the skiing part, which is often the hardest). Just found out that Otto finished everything to finally get the pin!


11 months ago

Congratulations Otto!

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