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Demo Days 2017 - Whitetail, Massanutten, . . .
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22 days ago

Just realized there is a Demo Day thread yet for 2016-17.

Whitetail will have it’s usual Demo Day on Friday, 1/6/17.  Being sponsored by The Ski Shoppe.  That’s where the Brians landed after the Ski Center in DC closed up in 2016.  This demo day has multiple brand rep tents.

Massanutten demo weekend by Freestyle of Charlottesville will be Jan. 7-8, 2017.  This is a single tent demo, with a few models/sizes brought by Freestyle.  The selection has been pretty good in recent years, even for petite women like me or tall women like my friend who end up demo’ing unisex/men’s skis.

14 days ago

Anyone going to Whitetail on Friday?  I know JimK is going to be in WV instead.

Apparently can get a voucher for a $35 lift ticket if you find the Ski Shoppe table before going to the ticket window.

14 days ago
Clearly, JimK is an appreciated customer of Sun & Ski.
13 days ago

I’ll probably be out to Whitetail tomorrow around noon. Orange pants and grey coat

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