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Mass transit and/or charters from Pittsburgh to ski areas?
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one year ago

I’m going to be in Pittsburgh for business for about 10 days in mid-March and I’m hoping to squeeze some skiing in. If Boyce Park is open, I’ll probably head there, but was wondering if anyone knew of ways to go skiing at one of the Laurel areas or elsewhere without a car from Pittsburgh? Thanks!

one year ago

Too bad it’s not 1950. You could have taken a train from downtown. Today there is no public transportation to the Laurels. Maybe Uber?

one year ago

Mass transit seemed like a longshot (although you can take the bus system from downtown to Boyce in an hour), but I’m a bit surprised there’s nothing like Sourced Adventures in Pittsburgh that does day trips. Looks like Boyce typically closes for the season before I get to town. Oh well, I’m going to Winter Park in two weeks and somewhere on Mt. Hood later in March, I’ll live if I don’t get to go while I’m in Pittsburgh. 

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