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April in Utah
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one year ago

April in Utah can be a rollercoaster.  But still having fun.

Here’s some pics from the last few days.

3/31 Snowbird:



The sun came out for April Fools Day and it was no joke at Snowbird

the view down

My friend Brian in red took this shot of me:

Here’s the run we were on including JohnL and VinceK, it’s called North Chute.

Jimmy was there!

Charlie too, on the road to Provo


John heading due south on Great Scott

He likes this view

JimK reporting in:-)

Apr 2, 2017 was a rainy day at Snowbasin, Utah unless you were over about 7500’.  We got a little wet, but still had fun on 3” of hero graupel on the upper mtn.

Jimmy singing in the rain

the gang

In the base lodge with videographer Gary Nate who did Warren Miller films including the 1990 clip from Steeper and Deeper of the Egan brothers skiing a huge piece of cornice near Grand Targhee that broke under Dan, forcing John to make an impossible turn back to solid ground and effectively cheat death, it became one of the most-used Warren Miller clips of all time. 

Then we went to the oldest saloon in Utah in nearby Huntsville.

Never forget RGIII’s rookie year.

 Alta, UT on Apr 3, 2017.  Beautiful sunny day, but coolish and snow didn’t soften too much across the mtn even late into the day.

Vince up on East Castle

John going big

Jimmy ripping

Vince on High Rustler

after two years living out here he’s adapted well

April 4, 2017 at Park City, another pretty, but cool day with firm snow.

My buddy Brian down from WY

In spring the toughest days are “in between days”, no new snow and too cold to soften the old stuff.  Hoping the map will tell us where to go for the goods.

one year ago

Thanks for great pictures; I am jealous!  Keep having fun!  Last forecast I saw said SnowSHOE supposed to get 8 -13” of snow tomorrow to Sat.


one year ago

Wow. Great to see. Didnt know there were bubble lifts at Park City. Keep skiing!!


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