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Pro-Fit installing indoor ski system, open for lessons in Oct 2017
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Updated 9 days ago
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24 days ago

The installation of the indoor ski system is happening at Pro-Fit in Leesburg.  Plan is to be open for lessons some time in October.

Can pre-pay for a single lesson or multi-lesson packages in the GoFundMe campaign.  I’m not part of Pro-Fit.  Just think it’s a good idea to have such a facility in northern VA based on what I’ve read about the indoor facilities in FL, CO, and VA.

22 days ago

Sounds cool!

22 days ago

I think Pro-Fit is using the same system as the place in Colorado.  Bode Miller and Erik Schlopy are connected to that facility.  Seems to be pretty popular.öbahn—year-round-indoor-skiing-in-denver

17 days ago

One more day for the fundraising campaign.  I went for a single lesson.  A couple friends will be doing multiple lessons.  Installation is in progress but no opening date announced yet.

Heard from someone who did a lesson at the similar facility in Colorado that 1/2 hour is about the same amount of skiing effort as 1/2 day on the slopes.  Remember, no break for a lift ride, just continuous skiing.

13 days ago

It’s official!  I guess installation is complete.  Pro-Fit has scheduled an invitation-only Pre-Launch Party the weekend of Oct. 14-15 for the GoFundMe supporters.  Can sign up to get a 10-min introduction.  They are asking people to call to set up lessons.

 They are calling the indoor skiing the Inside Ski Training Center, or Inside Ski for short.

Noticed that on the GoFundMe perks, an hour lesson includes about 30 min skiing, and that’s compared to a day of skiing, presumably on Mid-Atlantic slopes.

9 days ago

Got a report from a friend who stopped by Pro-Fit over the weekend.  Brian B gave her a little demo.  Meaning he was on skis in t-shirt and shorts while she watched.  The 1-way mirror lets people see their form themselves.  Apparently a few Whitetail and Liberty instructors have tried it out.  Not so easy to adjust as they thought.  Some falls occurred.

Can use your own boots but must use rental skis.  From what I’ve heard about plastic surfaces, they are very hard on bases so wouldn’t be a good idea to use your own skis anyway.  Pretty sure skis are part of the lesson price.

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