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11 months ago

You guys were great last March with Utah recommendations…  I posted in the other thread that I’m putting together a trip for two adults for 5 nights to Colorado in late January (25th-30th).  

I’ve skied Vail and Breck several times each, but it has been many years now (9) since I’ve been.

I’m leaning away from Aspen (even though I’ve never been), as it’s a longer drive from DIA, the lodging I can get on points isn’t as nice as Vail/BC, and the rates for a 4-day pass seem substantially higher (Vail/BC 4-day Epic pass is $459).

Assuming we’ll be staying in either Vail or BC, and have access to both of those plus Breck, Keystone, and Abasin, I guess the question is how to allocate 4 ski days. 

I’m not a fan of Breck, and have preferred Vail in years past, especially Blue Sky Basin.  I have never skied Beaver Creek.  I’m thinking of skiing Vail on Friday, Sunday, and Monday, and possibly heading to Beaver Creek on Saturday to beat the crowds?  

If we’re lucky enough to get a big dump, any advantage to being in Beaver Creek on a powder day (or the day after a powder day for longer-lasting stashes)?

Is Beaver Creek going to feel like Vail’s frontside?  

11 months ago

My brother and I go to Vail every season, this will be our 10th.  4 ski days.  We stay in Vail-Lionshead, without a car, so in general the logistic hassle and time suck has kept us from exploring BC. I also know the Vail mountains well enough to avoid the lines.  Poor excuses I know but it happens.  A friend of mine that lives there says definitely go to BC to avoid weekend/holiday crowds so you’re plan for a Saturday is a good one.  I think you’ll notice lots of changes to Vail since last visit…gondola, several new 6packs.  The stashes are just that, you’ll need to know where they are at either place.  I’ve never had a problem finding pow at Vail.

If you have your own transport then definetly check BC out.  Btw, I think BC did away with the free parking this season.

Most people fly into DIA and CME or rental car from there.  We like to fly into Eagle/Vail (EGE) and take the $4 county bus to Vail.  The added expense of flying to EGE is offset by the savings of no car or parking, and I70 white knuckle through the passes (closed 3 times we’ve been there).

11 months ago
We stayed in Avon and took the shuttles to BC and Vail..busses were fast and on time…Avon was worked on a conservative Budget…
11 months ago

Here is a discussion of Vail and BC, and other Vail Resorts:

Definitely recommend you split your days 3/1 or 2/2 if you go to Vail/BC area.  Either place is good for 3 days and one day at the other, or do 2 and 2.  Vail is bigger, but BC huge too. Assuming you have rental car and want to drive it from one resort to the other for day-skiing there is free parking at Arrowhead at BC and Donovan lot at Vail. BC does tend to be less crowded at all times over Vail.  Like Fishnski I have adopted Avon as favorite base for that area, but your lodging points trump all.

11 months ago

HUGE BC FAN~! Love love love BC…so dont go there. Just kidding.  BC is very underrated. Great groomers lots and lots of terrian. Less choke points than Vail. Grouse Mtn is serious. Birds of Prey is a real WC course. I have been able to get more vert at BC than Vail anyday. It also has a real Euro feel.

Only issue are that the beginner terrian is on top thus can be busy, however Arrowhead Mtn is always ski to the lift so you can avoid crowds even in the holidays. 

You can normally always get from BC to vail no matter the weather, not so from Breck to Vail,  

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