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one year ago

Looking for some advice from ski parents or instructors. I have a pair of 140 cm skis in decent shape that I was intending to use for my 12 year old this season. However, thanks to a recent growth spurt the skis now only come up to his chin. Any thoughts on whether I should look for a pair of 145 or 150 cm skis for him? He skis fairly parallel on mid-atlantic blues but gets less parallel on anything steeper than that.


one year ago

I would first make sure you have him in a good pair of 4 buckle boots that he can flex.  Go see Brian at ProFit.  You may also want to consider a seasonal equipment rental program.  Most shops offer this option.  It’s what I did for my daughter around the same age.

Going up in ski length is less important given his ability.  If you are taking him on black terrain and he cannot maintain a parallel with 140cm then going up in size would not help him there.  Longer skis give you more stability at speed.  I purchased a pair of 158cm SL skis just last year.  These are the shortest pair I have skied on in 40 years and really enjoy turning them.  I’m 6’1” usually on 178 or 184cm.

Whatever you do make sure the equipment is tuned up and in good working condition.

one year ago


Good, properly fitted boots are key, I agree. We don’t live near DC but the good folks at Freestyle in Charlottesville know their stuff.


one year ago

I’d keep them on skis up to their chin until they are skiing hard and fast enough to need longer skis.  If they’re still solidly intermediate and not ready to carve blacks at a decent speed wait a little while before giving them something that might be harder to handle, especially at slower speeds.  If they’re rocking the blues and easy blacks to the point where the skis aren’t holding as firm as they should, that would be the signal to move up to a length that is appropriate for them at a higher level.. Up around the chin for SL and a little above the head for NASTAR, GS, high speed cruising, etc.. And, right over the top of the forehead for park skis..  But, be sure they can totally handle the 140s and push them to the limit if they’re at the chin..  Any shorter and ya, get something longer now. 

Denis - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

The skis you describe should be fine for now.  Be sure to keep them in good tune.  Many people neglect keeping a sharp edge and good wax on their kids skis.  I was guilty myself occasionally.  A solid intermediate skier is recognized by the ability to get both skis on the same side of their body in the belly of the turn, the ‘control phase’.  If your skier has trouble with that and their skis are well tuned, there will be nothing gained with a longer ski at this time.  Of course a parent must argue sometimes against the desire for a longer ski for the status it confers.

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