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one year ago
So I’m wondering about the relative strength of Verizon and AT&T signals at Snowshoe, in the Canaan Valley and up at Seven Springs. I realize that cell signals can be spotty on the mountain, especially with the blackout for the WV radio telescopes, but it would be great to get some up to date info from those in the know. Thanks in advance.
one year ago

Verizon sucks at Canaan, great at 7S.

one year ago

Verizon has nothing at Snowshoe. But I will say the Snowshoe-Public Wifi is popping up in more places and Verizon has enabled wifi calling in most places.

Although… I will admit not having cell reception is something I consider a plus in most cases. :)

one year ago

AT&T has great reception at all of them.

For Seven Springs everything is covered, drive up, on the mountain, lifts. Only exception is in the main hotel in the dead center it’s hard to get a good signal. I think the building is too dense. 

Canaan Valley, I’ve made/received calls on the way in.  Been able to check email and dial into conference calls on the lift.

Snowshoe. No service on the drive in, but at the top AT&T works well.  Works better on the front side and at the top. On Western Territory you need to wait about 1/4rd of the lift ride up before you get service.  I actually closed a deal on that lift a few years back, that was a first.

On the drive to Snowshoe (from PIttsburgh) my phone works to within 20 miles of Snowshoe through most of the valley.

Laurel Mountain - Same, AT&T works well, coverage in the lodge and on the lift.

Hidden Valley - Coverage everywhere

Blue Knob - Depending on the day, the wind, the clouds, you MIGHT get a bar in the lodge if you sit near a window and everything is perfect.

I agree with rbrtlav in most cases, it’s nice to sit quietly on a lift and enjoy the weather. But I also work for myself and don’t have ‘vacation’ days, so working might consist of skiing all day and taking a two hour break to talk to clients or employees. It’s not perfect, but I can get out anytime I want, so I don’t complain.  All that to say that I have tested my iPhone on a lot of lifts.  I only dial in if I know the call will be reliable.  Also use the headset, Apple is able to eliminate background noise somehow.  People have expressed shock that I wasn’t in a closed room, said it was dead silent.

one year ago

AT&T has good “4G” coverage in the Valley. 

one year ago

4G on Verizon at Laurel on top in the lodge. I didn’t check at the bottom.

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