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Boot heel replacement
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Updated 10 days ago
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10 days ago

I have a reasonably new pair of Nordica boots that the heel has worn down to the screw. the part is replaceable. I tried to order from the Nordica web site but no joy.  

I would think this should be easy to order on line but lost in the web….. Ideas?


10 days ago
I had a similar issue with my Langes. I called their support group and they hooked me up.
10 days ago

Never bought from these folks they’re in UK. They popped up when I was looking for some Salomon pads last year.


Can your local bootfitter help? 


marzNC - DCSki Supporter
10 days ago

I found a ski shop that had the sole replacement parts in stock when I had a similar problem a few years ago.  Took a while because I had an older model of Nordica boots.  Ended up getting them at Snowbasin.

10 days ago

Might be able to find a set of used boots same model on eBay cheap to cannibalize for parts.  If you boot up at the parking lot I hihgly recommend getting something to cover your boot soles… boots lill last a LOT longer and you won’t be busting your butt on icy spots.  There are much better options available than the old plastic cat tracks of the 80s.. 

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