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RIP Warren Miler
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28 days ago

What a cool life he had!

28 days ago

Pioneer for sure.  RIP.

28 days ago

Wow!  Was just looking at one of his older films yesterday; Any Snow, Any Mountain, 1971. 

The good die young, but sometimes they die old too:-)

28 days ago

“Want your ski? Go get it.”

28 days ago

He lived the life of our dreams. I saw my first Warren Miller film in 1976.  You wanted to ski after watching his films. Not sure he went to heaven since he may have already been there?  I’ll dedicate my next run to him.


28 days ago

An asset to the sport, no doubt. In honor, here’s a clip from his visit to Whitetail, soon after its opening in 1991:

Embedded video (not sure if this will work)


Or simple link: https://youtu.be/SEy42e2fVB8

20 days ago

That was a great video, it was fun to see Warren Miller at Whitetail. Those girls were ripping the moguls!

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