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Utah Just Got Easier
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one year ago

Starting this July, there will be a daily direct flight on Delta between Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City. The flight leaves Pittsburgh in the morning and returns in the evening. Just made doing a Utah trip a whole lot easier.

one year ago

If you are going in fall, spring, or summer. Seasonal flights end in December.

one year ago

Just got back from Utah last night, I live in Pittsburgh.

I’ve experimented with a lot of different options.  I’ve settled on this as the best.

Take a late flight the night prior to your first day.  Flights leave at 5:30, sometimes 6pm.  You arrive in SLC at 9:45pm.  Check into the hotel, sleep.

Ski, ski, ski

On your last day take the 5pm Southwest flight home.  I left Solitude at 3pm and made it to the airport with plenty of time even with returning a car and checking my skis.

With this you miss the last hour of skiing on your last day.  And if you’re like me and ski hard bell to bell the other days you’re probably cruising some blue groomers that last hour with shot legs anyways.  

With the 5pm flight I was home in PIttsburgh before the red eye I normally take from SLC even took off for NYC.  I slept better and for longer at home.


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