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Snow this sunday
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one year ago

Most of the standard weather sites seem to be calling for around 4 inches of snow on Sunday at the WV areas, with maybe some rain mixed in. Any indication from local sources that the amt could b  higher? Will impact whether I arrange to get out there on Monday or whether I stay closer to home for a half day.

one year ago

Coming down hard in the Valley this morning. Looks like they’ve got about 5” so far today. 

one year ago
Decided on snowshoe for tomorrow. I have my season pass there. Would have done CVR if the valley got a big dump. Still wish there was a local weather site for SS like there is for CV - still not sure how much SS got.
one year ago
We got about 6 inches today.
marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

Massanutten got snow from about 8:00-11:00am on Sunday, but then it turned to rain.  Heavy rain by 11:30 that was still coming down at 4:00.  <sigh>

one year ago

@Bonzski - thanks. Thinking I will take the shuttle to SC at noon to see if any untracked is left.

@Marznc - I feel your pain. If only the temp was just a little colder…

one year ago

Snowed all day at Laurel Mtn, but the snow was somewhat wet and it packed under your skis. Had a great time though. Love Laurel Mtn.

one year ago

Left SS 6am this morining….14degF and complete whiteout, another couple inches fell and pouring it on.  Windy.  Unless winds subside I’d recommend avoiding Western Territory today.

one year ago

Thanks for the notes and for your TR in the other thread. My son and I skied SS today and had a great time. I had arranged for him to miss school and then school ended up being cancelled anyway, so that was a nice start. Got there early enough so that we were able to find some pow under soaring eagle and on the sides of Sawmill. After that, several runs in the Basin, an early lunch, and then battling ice for a run on Lower Shays. Busier than usual on a Monday, I would guess, probably due to people sticking around or coming out for the fresh. So we took the shuttle to Silver Creek and it paid off big time. Powder turns on the sides of the runs all afternoon. We skied ourselves ragged until 4 PM and then headed home. A  great day!

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