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Colorado TR - Jan 31 - Feb 2
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9 months ago

A couple friends and I made our way out to CO for a few days last week.  We stayed in a 2 BR condo in Silverthorne that had one hellava view.

We skied Keystone, Vail and Copper.  Since we are groomer cruisers, the lack of snow in some of the more advanced areas were not an issue for us.  We had fun at all 3 locations.  IMO Copper had the best conditions followed by Vail / Keystone.

We loved skiing midweeks.  Wed at Keystone and Thu at Vail we literally skied up to every lift.  ZERO lines.  Even Friday at Copper we never waited more than a few minutes.

Below are a few pics and a couple videos taken from a drone that I brought along.

One low point of the trip was that some ding dong grabbed my ski tube by mistake upon arrival.  After about an hour of searching we got lucky and tracked him down via his unclaimed ski tube.  I’ll be painting it with pink or lime green stripes to avoid that PITA again.

Video One

Video Two 





marzNC - DCSki Supporter
9 months ago

Looks like fun to me.

Glad you managed to find your Sportube.  I’ve plastered mine with stickers from ski trips over the last few years.  Makes it pretty unique and easy to spot.  Especially given that a few of the stickers are from the Mid-Alantic/SE so that combination with destination resorts is unusual.

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