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Snowshoe TR 2-4 Feb 2018
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one year ago

One of the better 3 days in recent memory.  Experienced a full range of conditions…snow and crowds.

Arrived mountan ~6pm Thursday, still raining at the bottom but changed to snow half way up, a couple inches accumalted up top. Woke up Friday morning to a nice 6+ inches of blower pow. 950am the shuttle dropped me off at Cupp, hoping to meet up with Swoop, only to see the “Delayed Opening” signage.  Talk about a punch in the gut!  Decided to grab next shuttle to Soaring Eagle.  Spent 2 hours making fresh pow runs.  Sampled Widowmaker, Camp99 and Sawmill (not quite enough coverage for glades) then settled into 8+ runs under the lift (far right side of Widowmaker, under Soaring Eagle lift).  Most people wouldn’t venture there so I got fresh tracks every time.  Couple others caught on and it was tracked out by 10ish.  Moved to Ballhooter and made laps around there for an hour then back to Western Territory.  Probably the worst I’ve seen Cupp and Shays in recent times.  Surface was mostly wind-blown ice, lower Shays was blue-green ice moguls with sporadic light pow fill in….and they decided to make snow on all of Cupp and most of Shays.  Tough slog @ 2degF…called it quits at 1pm.

Saturday was bluebird, stayed at Silvercreek to find some untracked pow and great groomers….and best of all NO CROWDS.  I heard reports the basin had 45 min waits.

Woke up Sunday morning to heavy snow rate, 3” by 9am and coming down. Medium wet snow initially but got more through the day.  Spent morning at Silvercreek to avoid crowds, making pow laps off Flying Eagle lift area.  Shuttled to WT for the afternoon since most DC/VA visitors were exiting.  Cupp was heavy moguls with soft sluff on the edges. Upper Shays a good mix, lowe rShays soft moguls with some ice.

one year ago

Awesome - reminds me of that day you and I had with our boys at SC.

SS - looks like a winter wonderland today …… webcams



 from Snowshoe

We’ve received 28 inches of snow in the last 10 days and conditions are RIDICULOUS! Speaking of Ridiculous, our annual Ridiculous Pass sale will begin on March 6th so be sure to mark your calendars now.
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one year ago

I’m going to be up at the shoe Friday-Tuesday with my family.  I can’t wait.  It looks like we picked a good time to head that way this year.

one year ago

Maybe I should ditch my trip to Utah this Thursday and hit Snowshoe :)

one year ago

Yes, best two days of hte season for me.  Sunday and Monday were awesome.  It was packed on Saturday and still crowded a little on Sunday to my surprise.  Monday was still “busy” for a Monday.  

Saturday Campp 99 was icy.  Sunday morning first run Lower Shys had 4-5”s of fluff on top of sheer ice…yikes.  Once was enough.  Everywhere else was great and imjproved with the powder from the heavens coming down.


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