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Vail 23-26 Feb 2018
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9 months ago

Been making this trip for 10 yrs now but the Ikon pass and other reasons could make this the last time, for a while at least.  Eagle/Summit counties have been snow-starved this season; Vail with about 130” total prior to my arrival.  Good news was they were getting daily shots of 2”-8” the week prior to launch date.  The east was just starting it’s blow-torch fire hose so anything like real winter had me giddy.  So much so, while packing my skis the evening before, I managed to pull a lower back muscle.  Go figure, I ski 30 days without so much a sore toe and now this happens…talk about nervous.  Woke up 3am the next morning to leave for airport, barely able to get dressed, downed some more Advil and dragged my bags to car.  We (brother and I) arrived Vail airport Thursday (22nd) noon and caught the county bus to town ($4).  The fresh snow on the ground at lower elevations, which is always a good sign, and more Advil had me forgetting my back problems.

One of my son’s, and some friends, joined us for a couple days on this trip.  Most of them rented so we were a bit late getting out the first day (Friday).  My back was improved but still kept Advil regiment. About 3” fresh fell overnight with more coming later in the day.  We stayed on the front-side just to get everyone acclimated (it was the first ski day of the season for some).

Riding the chair out of Lionshead Village

Despite the lower than average snowfall for the season, I was quite surprised by the base and more so that the trees had plenty soft (still).

Day 2 (Saturday)
Another 6-8” fell overnight and we got out early and directly to Blue Sky Basin.  The single digit overnight temps made for a sticky dry snow.  That, plus the rental snowboard my son got that was probably last waxed last season, made for long slog getting back to BSB.  Felt bad for him, but part of me was hoping it would convert him to 2planks  :twisted:
David @ Belle’s Camp (Finally!)

Spent a couple hours in BSB then made our way to the front side for the afternoon.  Normally a Saturday + pow makes for some afternoon crowds, especially at mid-Vail (aka Ballhooter).  Maybe it was the locals were avoiding the cold temps, but no crowds this Saturday ….

I set the group free on the blues off chair 2 giving me time to explore the trees off chair 4

and finished with some bump runs down Ledges and Safari (more advil later)

Day 3
Cold again but with strong winds so we took advice from others to avoid bowls, staying front-side.  I was solo in the afternoon so I found refuge exploring new trees again.

Day 4
Bluebird day with temps in mid 20s.  Started morning in Game Creek bowl

then Sun Up bowl then usual off chair 11.

Divorce is tough, but I suspect I’ll see her again.

9 months ago

Bravo - now we have to figure out plans with that Ikon Pass


9 months ago

The front of Vail can be great espeically far right or left. For some reason no one skis off the Simba Express(?). 

Nice Rossi Souls. 

9 months ago

oldensign wrote:

The front of Vail can be great espeically far right or left. For some reason no one skis off the Simba Express(?).

Nice Rossi Souls. 

Pride Express (chair 26)…doesn’t go to bottom so it avoids crowds.  I lapped it for a couple hours last season during a pow morning making fresh tracks. Blue Ox (skiers far right) off chair 10 is where to go to escape crowds after a morning in the back bowls.

Love my Souls

9 months ago

Thanks for the TR (and the private messages)!  Photos are always king, and the pics look great!

Just got cleared this morning by my ortho to ski again, and we fly in 2 weeks.  I’m hoping for fresh snow, and will start watching OpenSnow soon.

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