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Squaw and Mammoth
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Denis - DCSki Supporter
13 days ago

Just got back from a late season trip to these 2.  Squaw with daughter and grandsons 2 & 3,  Mammoth with long term DC friends who I haven’t skied with for too long.  Great spring skiing and plenty of snow remaining in both places.  I have been fortunate to ski a lot of great places over a lifetime.  There is a much smaller number of awesome places.  Both of these belong in the awesome category.  

This brings up the Ikon Pass.  Seeing my old friends was great and I was prepared to pay a couple days of walk up rates.  I have the epic Tahoe local and Squaw/Alpine passes for the current season, neither of which includes mammoth.  While mulling over passes for next season I noticed that the 2018-19 ikon gives you spring skiing from apr. 9, 2018 - end of this season at both squaw and mammoth.  Both traditionally have long spring seasons and plan a may 30 closing or later.  Bingo.  I bought it and saved a couple days of walk up rates.  The epic Tahoe places are either closed (Kirkwood) or soon to close (Heavenly and Northstar, and I care little for either).  Furthermore, you can expect the same every year, a month or more of great spring skiing at Squaw and mammoth after the epic Sierra areas are closed.  

BTW, several mammoth lakes shops are selling “bring back the senior pass” tee shirts.  The town scuttlebutt was that Mammoth would be fine with that but they are not calling the shots.

13 days ago
Just got the ikon pass ourselves (me, wife, 2 kids). Still not sure exactly when we will use it but one possibility is squaw/alpine first week of April during kids spring break.
marzNC - DCSki Supporter
13 days ago

Denis: I’m considering an extra trip to the west coast in early May.  Have friends who live near Bachelor.  And a friend willing to do some driving.  Between Squaw/Alpine and Mammoth, which do you think will have more open terrain the week of May 7?  I know it depends on the weather.  Thinking more about which resort tends to close more lifts when there aren’t many paying customers around.  We both have the MCP, so 2 days at either place are covered.  Don’t have time to ski 4 days after Bachelor.

I’ve skied at Squaw/Alpine a few days.  My ski buddy has never skied around Tahoe.  Neither of us have ever been to Mammoth.

13 days ago

Thanks for posting. I bought the Ikon pass and am considering a trip to Squaw/Alpine the weekend of April 27. They got half a foot early this week and have 15” in the forecast for Sunday-Monday. My friends out there say the spring conditions are great. Let’s hope they remain great in two weeks!

Denis - DCSki Supporter
13 days ago

Marz, I really don’t know the answers to your questions.  Both Squaw and Mammoth take pride in their long spring seasons and loyal customer bases reward them.  I have skied both on July 4, though not in the same season.  Both will stay open as long as snow permits and announce a final weekend festival with bands, beer, barbecue.  Bachelor is a great mountain also.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. Timing is important.  Last July 4 the north facing Shirley Lake runs at Squaw we’re frozen boilerplate early.  They softened quickly and the magic hour ensued.  Then mush.  That’s spring/summer skiing.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
12 days ago

Sounds like we should just decide a few days before driving south from Bachelor.

Southwest just announced a promotion for double points for flights in the next couple months.  Another reason to make one more trip out west. :-)

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