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Guns Have Arrived @ Snowshoe!
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Looks like those Titans are going to be installed in the Widowmaker area based on the video.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
4 days ago

Blue Don 1982 wrote:

Looks like those Titans are going to be installed in the Widowmaker area based on the video.

I think I heard that the guns would be moving from where they were unloaded.  With 74 of them, that’s a LOT of terrain that can be covered.  All automated.  Supposed to be very powerful so can still get the snow in the right place when it’s windy.  Bought and shipped from Italy because the Titan 2 handles the most water of any snowguns currently made.

SNOWSHOE, W. Va. – (March 8, 2018) Snowshoe Mountain has announced that it will be investing nearly $4M in upgrades to its snowmaking and grooming technology this summer. Resort officials anticipate that the investment will allow them to open significantly more of their ski trails by early December and maintain a high-quality snow surface throughout the ski season; all while greatly reducing the mountain’s carbon footprint.

“This is the single most important investment our new owners, Alterra Mountain Company,could make in Snowshoe,” said Frank DeBerry, Snowshoe’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “As this past season demonstrates, Snowshoe’s unique microclimate and elevation provide us with the cold and snow we need to provide the best and most skiing and riding in the mid-Atlantic and Southeast. This investment further boosts and protects our greatest strength, all while taking yet another step towards reducing our impact on the environment.”

  Increased Efficiency and Sustainability

      o The re-tooled snowmaking system will cut the resort’s energy costs and consumption significantly, and return more than 5,000,000kwh back to the grid.

     o 5,000,000kwh is enough to power 500 homes for an entire year.

  New Snowguns and Automation Equipment
    o The investment includes over 160 new snowguns to be positioned in key, fixed locations around the mountain, as well as the equipment needed to further automate the snowmaking system.o 75 Fixed Position Tower Fan Guns

      ▪ High Production/Low Energy DemacLenko Titan 2.0 will be utilized
      • The most powerful snowgun currently on the market, capable of making massive amounts of snow in short windows of time.

    o 90 Low-Energy “Stick” Guns
      ▪ Super energy-efficient SnowLogic DV7’s use less than 10% of the energy required of traditional snowmaking equipment.
      ▪ Will allow the resort to maintain high-quality surface conditions with minimal energy usage.


    o Automation Hardware & Software

      ▪ Further automating the mountain’s snowmaking system will increase efficiency, giving it the maximum amount of production time during even brief snowmaking opportunities.

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