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Steel Mills & Snow Guns
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7 months ago

This afternoon I was driving through Weirton, WV.  They are in the process of dismantling the old Weirton Steel facility.  As part of the demolition, they had several portable snow guns running to keep down the dust.  I wish I could have snapped a pic.

My dad worked there for decades.  It was sad to see my life blood being torn down.  Then I smiled and said life goes on and I can’t wait to see snow guns making snow!

Winter is coming soon!

Denis - DCSki Supporter
7 months ago

Good post.  Thanks.

Thanks so much for your post Blue Don! My grandfather worked at Weirton Steel. I was always very proud of him, his work ethic, his toughness, and general kindness. I’ll miss him, but your post made me think of him again :)

7 months ago

It’s a sad story for those of us who grew up in and around steel towns.  I grew up in Johnstown. My grandfather retired from US Steel, grandmother worked for Bethlehem for awhile, family that worked the railroads near them and used what was directly output of those mills, and I had many friends who had either parents or grandparents that worked there at some point.  Even living down here in Baltimore, I saw them tear down the remains of Bethlehem at Sparrows Point. It’s sad to see companies that once were the backbone of US industry and even made ships for WWII fall by the wayside.

May they always be remembered.

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