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What will be open in the Mid-Atlantic on 12/10/2018?
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9 days ago

I have a day off on Monday, 12/10 and I’m thinking about taking a snow day, if I’m not too stiff from Sunday night broomball. It looks like Massanutten will be open, but anybody else within 3 hours of DC?

9 days ago

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if 7 springs and at least one of the (ex)snowtime resorts are open. If the humidity cooperates over the next few days they will be able to put down a decent amount of snow. But I doubt they will make a call until late Thursday or Friday

7 days ago

Bryce will be open from 10:00-4:00 daily beginning this Saturday, 12/8, with early season pricing in effect ($35 for an adult ticket), and at least two trails open from the top (Bootlegger and Red Eye), from what I understand.

5 days ago

Not looking great and that’s understood, it’s early, etc. I was hoping for Massanutten but they don’t have both Lift 6 runs open today, so tomorrow probably won’t be better. It looks like Seven Springs is closed. Wintergreen only has one blue open. Sigh.

4 days ago

Looks like most of the locals are willing to let perfect be the enemy of good enough to open. Do they not see the warm rain forecast that will hit their opening weekends?

It will be shocking to see Blue Knob open up before any Peak resorts open.

3 days ago

ST has been blowing snow nearly nonstop for the last several days.  While it’s been on the warm side, it looks like the wet bulb temp has been friendly and allowing snowmaking that normally might not have taken place.  I could see them opening this weekend.

BK’s stating that they’ll be open by the end of the week, and shooting for midweek, but has been quiet otherwise.  Given their snowmaking issues, I wouldn’t expect a whole lot open there.

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