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So who got snow from the Saturday/Sunday Snow Rain Storm.
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one month ago
Looks like New England is getting slammed by this storm but it’s pretty hit of miss in the Mid Atlantic. Looking like Blue Knob is getting it pretty good. I will be checking all the ski reports tomorrow and posting the snow totals.
one month ago

So nothing too awesome but, hey at least it’s some snow and cold temps!

Snowshoe: ??? There website isn’t working

Blue Knob: 6-8”

Laurel Mountain: 5”

hidden valley: 3”

7springs: 3”

Canaan Valley: 2.4”


one month ago

We received quite a bit of freezing rain at HV. It ruined the conditions. After the freezing rain changed to snow, I am guessing we received maybe 4” of wind blown snow. Unfortunately, they groomed the slopes while it was still raining. Nothing like skiing on rock hard frozen corduroy. Hopefully , they can groom and mix the snow and ice to give us a better surface. 10:45 on Sunday night it is 0 degrees and windy. Brutal. Tuesday looks like the best day.

29 days ago
Current Conditions Snowshoe,Wv -12.6 °F Feels Like -33.0 °F
29 days ago

Also 5” reported new snow!

29 days ago

I was at Snowshoe Friday eve, left Sunday afternoon.  Went from 30s, heavy fog saturday morning to pelting rain in the afternoon & evening (mid 30s) then blizzard conditions Sunday with temps below 10 deg when I left mid afternoon.  Throw in a regional power outage on Saturday afternoon and some delayed lift openings yesterday (ice) just to keep it interesting.  Despite all that, the fresh snow on Sunday was a blast!

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