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Winter Park
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one year ago
On a plane at BWI getting ready to head out to Winter Park with the family. Will try to post a couple updates.
one year ago

We were getting back from a weekend at Winter Park yesterday; it was a blast, I’ll try to post some pics as well.

one year ago

I did some long trip reports on the SkiSE site several years ago let me see if I can find the links.  One thing I will mention is that poking into some of the medium pitched trees at Winterpark is what got me hooked, for better or worse on tree skiing.  Specifically, if you take the High Lonesome Chair there are trees all around it that are good fun but not extreme.

Hold on —I just looked at the trail map and a lot of those are closed now as are many around the Pioneer lift which was my other recomendation on the Winterpark side (as opposed to the Mary Jane side, a distinction that is often made)  No idea the reason for these closures.  It’s been 8-10 years since I skiied there.

The WP side does have steeps but the MJ side is famous for them, also the WP side does have a lot of annoying flat traverses at the bottom getting back to lifts.  Great tree runs on MJ abound, i.e,beside sleeper, and some gladed runs to skiers right off of Super Gauge.  The trees underneath Parsenn Bowl ( Calypso for example ) are my favorite thing the Panoramic express accesses, 

Vasquez Cirque is something to do for sure if you like steep bowls but is a long runout  to get back to Eaglewind lift

Thunderbird traverse is pretty vast and amazing also going to Eaglewind.  

I’ll look for those TR’s.  If you have space and want good karma, if you see a skier hitchiking on Berthoud pass, give them a ride.  You can be assured they will be good folks.

one year ago

Yeah I was taking a look at the trees near High Lonesome. Really looks like nice mellow terrain with nicely spaced terrain. Not sure why they would be closed off. Anyway we are having a great time out here. Parsenn bowl was a blast today and the blacks off of Eskimo and Prospector lifts have been a ton of fun. Haven’t done much of Mary Jane area yet but we will be hitting that tomorrow along with the Eagle Wind area.

one year ago
Oh wow was great today. Only 3 inches reported overnight but somehow it seemed like more collected in the trees. Eagle wind side country area was fantastic.

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