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Another reason not to give Peak Resorts your money
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Wow, that article really is a bummer. Besides spelling out how the Sacklers are major owners of Peak resorts, with majority control of shareholder votes, it shows the family prompted the Peak purchase of our beloved Snow Times resorts through self-dealing involving their Cap1 Trust investment vehicle. They essentially got their trust that already owned 40% of Peak to finance the purchase with a loan to itself along with gaining voting power control with the purchase of preferred stock. The other stock holders are allowing them to have their cake and eat it too! 

Meanwhile those of us with poorer options for our passes for next season are stuck with this situation. I don’t know if I can let these notorious drug purveyers ruin my main options for local skiing entirely, but it sure adds to my unhappiness about the change. 

one year ago

Yeah, I wish I would have known this a couple of weeks ago when Liberty called me and asked if I would be renewing our season passes. I could have added it to the top of the list of why I wasn’t going to give my money to them next season. 

one year ago

Jesse Boyd, one of the SVPs at Peak, got busted as part of an Oxycontin bust out of JFBB back in 2013.  He ended up getting community service out of it.

I posted the link to the article on FB where they talked about Jesse sitting down with Forbes to talk about skiing.  I commented that he also sat down with law enforcement at one point and linked the article.

They deleted it and I was banned. :D

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