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More snow for 2018-19 meant more people on the slopes, up 11% from last year
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

It’s official … lots of snow meant lots of people went skiing/boarding.  The NSAA report for 2018-19 says that skier visits were up 11% from the previous season.  The heavy and steady snowfall in almost all U.S. regions is a key factor.


Preliminary 2018/19 numbers up nearly 11 percent over previous season

“LAKEWOOD, Colo. – April 30, 2019 – The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) announced today that skier visits to U.S. areas totaled over 59 million for the 2018/19 season. The preliminary number represents a nearly 11 percent increase over the 2017/18 season total of 53.3 million. Abundant snowfall – up 31 percent nationwide over the previous season – and continued improvements to the guest experience contributed to increases in visitation in every region across the country. The 2018/19 season ranks as the fourth best since NSAA began recording visitation in 1978/79.

“Snow is our greatest asset and this year was one to remember,” said Kelly Pawlak, NSAA president and CEO. “Skiers and riders were greeted with an awesome on-snow experience. Continued investment in infrastructure, like chairlifts and snowmaking, make those days on the slopes even better.”

Visitation grew the most in the Pacific Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions, by 22.9 percent and 15.6 percent respectively over the previous season. While extreme winter storms provided some challenges in both regions, ultimately the snowy days proved a draw for powder-seeking skiers and snowboarders. Total visitation numbers were highest in the Rocky Mountain region at over 24 million (a record year for the region), followed by the Northeast with approximately 12.7 million.

“The strong snow year has driven increases in visitation, and many of our ski areas have reported record years in that regard,” said Adrienne Saia Isaac, NSAA director of marketing and communications. “It will be importantto continue this trend by engaging new participants in skiing and snowboarding, continuing to improve theguest experience, and mitigating the effects of climate change to ensure the health of our industry.”

The 2018/19 skier visit number was released at the first general session of the NSAA National Convention and Tradeshow in San Diego, Calif. NSAA conducts annual surveys of its member resorts to analyze the position of the ski industry. Additional NSAA research will be released in the Kottke End-of-Season report at the conclusion of the ski and ride season.”

one year ago

Mt Mansfield,Vt has a 76 incn base today…46 is average..California is having its 3rd greatest snowpack ever..Chicago just had its latest Snowfall ever.,,,back to back snow storms!….and ive observed Arctic ice build in the Berring sea in the last 2 weeks when it should be melting while this is happening…BUT…its the  warmest year on record again…Sighhhhhhhh….12 years more to go and then we are all toast…..Get it while the gettins good!

one year ago

Not so true here in the Mid-Atlantic, unfortunately. We only received about 90” in the Laurels this year. We did get lots of ice and rain. Maybe next year? And you’re still on your never ending quest to prove that the scientific community is wrong. When was the last time you actually went skiing?

one year ago

I have a home 3 minutes from Canaan ski area SnowSmith…I live in Florida during the Winter which is a 17 hour drive but i do it every year for a few weeks but lately I only ski about 7 or 8 times..I cross country..snow shoe and ATV the rest…u r right my ski Jock days are over…then I go back to florida and paddle board in the springs with manatees and head offshore to fish and then head to NC to hang  out at the beach  for the summer…maybe your premis that even after 40 years of skiing my ass off in the Dc area that I dont deserve the respect or right to post here since ive slowed down is correct… lol….

one year ago

Sounds like a nice lifestyle. Wow, 3 houses…. you must be loaded$$. I just don’t recall a f+ski post about a ski day or ski trip. You seem obsessed with politics. I can only imagine your Facebook page. I keep my politics and skiing separate. There already too much division in the USA. This site is supposed to be an escape from that.

one year ago

fishnski wrote:

“California is having its 3rd greatest snowpack ever”

Good year out west let’s hope we can get back to average in the Appalachians. Records go back about 140 years in the Sierras and this past year was a top 40 season so about every 3-1/2 years you should expect snowfall amounts like this. When I had a pass at Kirkwood back in 81/82 they reported 65’ of snow which was a top 10 year. This season they had 45’ a very good year but not abnormal.

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