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16+ inches of fresh expected at Breckenridge tonight
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one year ago

It appears the area made a good decision when it announced it would be open til Memorial Day — that’s the first time in history the area has been open in May.

Peaks 6&7 are open so some pretty good terrain is available.


Vail resorts has pparently made a committment to the early and late season crowds with Keystone expected to enter the “first to open” contest next October, and now apparently a committment to keep Breck open late.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one year ago

bob wrote:

Vail resorts has pparently made a committment to the early and late season crowds with Keystone expected to enter the “first to open” contest next October, and now apparently a committment to keep Breck open late.

VR needed some place in the U.S. to compete with Squaw and Mammoth for extra late season travelers as an enticement to go for an Epic Pass instead of Ikon.  Mammoth announced July 4th a while back.  Squaw decided to go all the way until July 7.  Ikon holders can also consider Snowbird in May.  Of course, being open only means a few lifts and limited trails for intermediates and up.

JimK - DCSki Columnist
one year ago

Seis de Mayo 2019 at Breckenridge was great.  I got a nice tour of the mountain from a friend who is a local.   I really enjoyed seeing how the layout will operate in late spring conditions, which will hopefully be a regular thing in future seasons. There was a ton of acreage open for skiing, basically most of Peak 6, 7, and 8 with a tremendous snow base and NO people.

The base of Peak 7 is a key entry point for the late spring ski operations at Breck. Instead of accessing it with the Breck Station Gondi, a shuttle bus is used. Parking is free at Breck station, just steps from the bus pick-up spot.

pugski base peak 7 breck.jpg

I’ve been to Breck for about 8 days in mid-season and have never seen this groomer near base of peak 7 this empty!  Yet it still had great snow coverage this exceptional late season of 2019.
pugski breck empty .jpg

Ditto for this groomer halfway down Peak 6.

pugski breck below kensho.jpg

This is George’s Thumb off the Imperial Chair.  Again Empty.

pugski lovebug georges thumb.jpg


Horseshoe Bowl, this friend was my guide.  He raced against Franz Klammer in World Cup events in the 1970s.  This snow was chunky and fairly hard.  He makes it look easy in this photo.  The mountain was not very slushy during my visit and skied more like late March, than early May.  We experienced a brief snow shower and a temperature drop around noon time.

doug 3.jpg

The Imperial chair goes almost to the top of the pyramid in center of this photo.  George’s Thumb is the bowl below it facing this way.

pugski breck georges thumb from kensho.jpg


This is the view from Peak 6/Kensho Chair looking south towards Peaks 7 and 8.  Great skiing here on 5/8/19.

pugski kensho breck.jpg

one year ago
Thanks for the May content!
one year ago

Jikm’s pictures are not showing. Not on my phone either.

one year ago

The reason the gondola is inoperative late season is that it runs thru Cucumber Gulch — a wildlfe conservation area. Moose and deer use the area for birthing and rearing their young. I order to get agreement on the late season, Breck needed to agree to not use the gondola.

one year ago

It was snowing in the CO mountains last night.  Wife’s driving back from Utah and went the “back” way thru Vernal until she eventually ended up on I-70.  She ran into a lot of snow and even whiteout conditions at times. She sent me a couple pics where it looked like she was going warp speed with the snow coming at her.

Crazy we’re at mid-may and the snow’s still coming down out there.

JimK - DCSki Columnist
one year ago

Can anyone see my photos?  They are hosted on Pugski and I can see them.

Here is a link for more photos, but you might have to log in to see them full size.


Here some more from 5/9 at Snowbird.


one year ago

Jim - I can see them fine on computere, but not iphone.  not your problem.  Thanks, good report, I always like to see reports from somewhere good and familiar.  -Dave

one year ago

Nice may 12th mothers day crowd at Killington today skiing away…and if you check out the mount Snow cam in Southern,Vt ….. it looks like a winter wonderland!…East Coast rat back atya Co….at least trying!


one year ago

26 degrees mid day in the sun on the summit of Stratton,Vt…moisture is shaving off to its snow is just on the northern fringe of it with snow….would love to see it move up to Killington to give those diehards a Mothers day to remember!

one year ago

Hunter mountain even further south getting it….lonely Snowy top cam…

one year ago

Breck just got another 14 inches of fresh   ..and..


extended the season beyond Memorial Day. It’ll now be open at least the first two weekends in June.  Never thought I’d see the day — given that Breck has never been open in May.



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