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Mayuary in the Sierra
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Denis - DCSki Supporter
20 days ago

At the risk of being tedious today was my third powder day in a week at Squaw Valley.  To be honest this one was a few inches of ‘chewy’ powder at 36 degrees ambient.  Also dense fog.  I hit it at lift opening and skied from 8-10.  Then the fog got even more dense and the crowds began showing up,  so I called it a day.  As I loaded my stuff in the car before leaving, I overheard the 2 (similarly) old guys loading their car next to me, “Best May 27th skiing of my life.”  That says it all.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
19 days ago

Mammoth now plans to be open into August.

19 days ago

Denis wrote:

Mammoth now plans to be open into August.

I was on their website yesterday and looked at their webcams.  Looks like the middle of winter up there.

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