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NIGHT TRACKER - FOR 8 -18 yr old Replacement for NCC Night Club Card
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9 months ago

Good Day all,

The NCC was a super program which started as a kid only program. Many of us adults got a great deal.

Based on my motto ” Ski cheap ” if you have transport and can go more then 6 times a season this program can save the most.

Keep in mind these facts: the avg NCC skidome member went 6 or less times. If you go 3 or less the 3x will be cheper but not checper at night.  The AVG NCC users was 4 visits.  RUN your numbers adn pick the best = chepest. 

NIGHT TRACKER - good at Liberty, Whitetail and Roundtop. 4pm to 10pm Mon-sat 3pm to 10pm Sunday.

SKIDOME - we can help you with long range/ short range weather. On snow reports, events. training and free racing information.

We post in FB, Blog, Tweet, Instagram and Web site


We have run a successful program since 1997. 

9 months ago

Good News as of october 9th, 2019 - OFFICIAL INFO 

The Night tracker is now available to all ages. NO option for advantage / 40% off. Refund for other passes will be announced and sign up on line soon.  http://skidome.org/skidome2/join/   Go to this link and  use the email form to get on the wait list. Once online ready notification will be announced.



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