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RACE RECRUITMENT - NEW, Seasoned, or other We want you
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Your desire added to what we can provide for free will add to your skills. We are a NATIONWIDE team who runs under NASTAR.com

WHO - Regular people with regular jobs or in school.  A Season can provide 10 race days or more. 

We have young as 7 and Seasoned as 80.  Trades, Lawyers, Military, police, IT. Tech SEE REGULAR people.

 We are # 57 in USA. 


http://skidome.org/skidome2/racing/  Contact Form on right bottom.

NASTAR has the database and team stats to allow anyone to race and be located in USA. 

Committment: Not much. you need gear, Lift ticket and try to get in one race a year. 

You need to be able to Ski / Board a blue Intermediate run. 

NEW we give you written, video and other types of instructon. 

Seasoned we can help with video analysis.


in 1 year / season a big improvement, after 2 years a 80% improvement. 

A typical race camp per day is 60$ or more A week can run 1,000k’s 

Why FREE- Giving back, Passion  You will do all lthe work. 

Did you race in high school or college? come on back, have some fun.


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