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5 months ago

Open for 3 weekends in a row. On 2 nights of snowmaking that occured in week 1.

5 months ago

The last two years they’ve done a great job staying open as long as any resort outside of Snowshoe and maybe 7 Springs.     Doesn’t look like any good snowmaking weather on the horizon so hopes of the local resorts like WT and Liberty opening by mid-December are slim to none with the next two weeks being predicted to be fairly above average with temperatures.   

5 months ago

mdr227 wrote:

….Doesn’t look like any good snowmaking weather on the horizon ….

I’ve been treating skiing as if it’s a dwindling resource and just going as often as feasible. No expectations of the old 100-day local seasons. I’m happy to have some local sessions in with no complaints about crowds or quality. 

Blue Mountain, PA is another one off to a great start, and have even been able to make snow the past 2 days with some natural today.


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