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Denis - DCSki Supporter
8 months ago

8” of powder fell at Squaw on 1/14 and 25 more on 1/16.  I skied powder on 1/15  and 1/17 resting on the big storm day.  Both storms were typical for midwinter; wind on the Sierra crest always goes over 100 mph.  Yesterday’s skiing was a blast and at the same time a constant challenge.  Turns took place in effortless fluff, to dense wind buff, to wind scoured ice, sometimes within mere feet of each other.  You could not tell visually what lay just ahead.  That kind of skiing is a constant stress on the little balancing/correcting muscles and the larger muscle groups soon follow.  I’m still exhausted but happy.

Just 3 miles away, as the crow flies, an in bounds avalanche occurred with 1 dead, 1 severely injured at Alpine Meadows.  

8 months ago

Sounds like mid atlantic conditions! At least as far as the variability on a single trail.

It’s so scary how many in-bounds avalanches there have been this season, I can’t even keep track of them all.

7 months ago

Copper Mountain had an in-bounds avalanche when my daughter was there in Ddecmber.

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