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Tuesday at Bryce Resort
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8 months ago

JimK and I drove south to Bryce Mt. Resort to limber up our ski legs for western skiing yet to come. I should point out that Jim is a retired youngster when compared to me, a 78 age, out of shape man still a bit slope skitterish having had a wild snowboarder plow into me unannounced a couple seasons ago breaking six of my ribs (two of them in two places)!

It was a beautiful day, sunny but colder than most days this winter. We had the place pretty much to ourselves! Bryce had seven of its eight trails open with side to side coverage. For a small area Bryce make quality snow when ever possible.  The only negative was that the trails on the top east side were not in reach of the morning sun, making the ski surface, despite having been recently groomed, a very hard icy run.  The slops on skiers downhill left were a bit softer and more forgiving.  I managed to get in six or seven runs, with each downhill adventure an improvement on the previous effort. I even survived a hard fall.  I tired easily, got weak and sore quads, but convinced myself that I can stil ride up and ski down the slopes, especially if they are groomed, uncrowded and not too difficult.  I think I will try to take a private lesson out west to better learn how to adapt to my age and physical shape, especially on the modern boards and boots.  
Jim, meanwhile, looked every bit the expert skier he is!  I would guess that he skied four runs to each of mine! But for me, it was great getting on the slopes again, and skiing several runs with Jim was the icing on the cake!
Bryce has built a large new cafeteria and day skier building, tearing down the old previous structure. It is a gem! As is Bryce!

Thanks Jim, tell Vince “HI”.

MorganB  aka The Colonel



8 months ago

pictures or it didn’t happen!!


sounds fun, what is your western destination?

JimK - DCSki Columnist
8 months ago

Jan 21, 2020:  Fun day at Bryce Resort with The Colonel!

Bryce Resort is about 100 miles west of Wash DC.  It’s been around since the early ’60s and is proof that a small mtn can succeed in this day and age and climate.  This is a really well run mtn.  It has only about 500’ vertical, but is never crowded and has especially light traffic on weekdays.  It’s also very affordable.  We finally got good streak of cold weather and Bryce has pole mounted guns about every 50 feet all over every run (about 9 runs total) that can cover the whole place in snow in two or three nights.

Groomer working on Bootlegger racing trail.  It opened at about 11AM.

bryce groomer.jpg

Run of the day was Locher Bowl, good soft manmade snow on this run.

bryce locher.jpg

The new day lodge and cafeteria opened for business in Jan 2019, includes a nice little ski shop.  While some other small ski areas are struggling Bryce keeps making incremental improvements.

bryce lodge.jpg

The Colonel heading toward the base area.  There is free parking super close to lifts and lodge.

bryce morgan.jpg

Snowmakers getting ready for another big night of activity.

bryce snowmaker.jpg

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
8 months ago

The Colonel wrote:

 I think I will try to take a private lesson out west to better learn how to adapt to my age and physical shape, especially on the modern boards and boots. 

MorganB  aka The Colonel

If you can get there when he’s on duty, a private lesson wirh Peter Stransky or Walter Jaeger at Massanutten would start you on the way to skiing more efficiently.  Walter used to do the Silver Clinic for folks over 50.  The whole point was efficiency.  I’ve been doing lessons with Peter for a few years since the Silver Clinic went away.  He’s one of the most experienced in the region.  He’s PSIA Examiner level.

Just did a 4-person 2-hour private with Peter.  Different ages and advanced skill levels.  We all learned a couple useful fundamentals.

I’ve found that a small hill with groomed terrain only is a better place to practice.  Less temptation to just go ski off in the powder or trees.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
8 months ago


Thanks for the pics as always.  I had a good time on Opening Day in Nov at Bryce.  Used the Indy Pass.  The new building is really nice.  The food was good at the restaurant too.


8 months ago

Nice report thanks!

After intending to go for years I finally made a visit to Bryce late last season, I was skiing at Wisp and decided to tie in Bryce with my drive back to NC.  As noted it was virtually empty on a monday but all runs were open if pretty narrow. And new lodge is great.

Only problem was of my own making by blindly following the google map route resulting in a VERY scenic 3+ hour drive from Wisp to Bryce.   Bryce is too small and far for me to justify a stand alone visit but in the future I will try to ski it again on my way to or from the Canaan Valley

Seems they often have unusually high storm totals if timed right

JimK - DCSki Columnist
8 months ago

This is just speculation, but I assume an aid to the viability of Bryce’s ski operation is some form of support/assessment from a property owners association of the Bryce Resort community.  There are quite a few vacation properties around the mtn and have been for many years. 

I agree that Bryce is too small to make as a destination from far away.  Where it really shines is for folks from the densely populated Northern VA area (1-2 hrs drive) who want an uncrowded, low cost place for them and their families to learn to ski and progress from beginner to intermediate.  BTW, Bryce was always known for a strong junior ski racing program. 

8 months ago

Always have enjoyed quick trips to Bryce, definitely a single day mountain and if you can get a bit bored of the 3 real top to bottom intermediate runs, but a great place to go with the family and even on weekends is never really that crowded.   Parking is very close (esp if you get there by 9) and they do a great job making snow whenever they can.   Haven’t been this year yet, but looking forward to seeing the new bldg (which was the one drawback I would have had with it previously).  

8 months ago

Bryce was the first resort my daughter skied years ago. She was 5 then and I remember she could ski free and the rentals were only about $10. My wife and I helped her get on the rope tow and were able to assist her on the slope. We had our regular walking boots on because there was hardly a crowd on a warm Sunday afternoon. We were able to move about the lower part of the slope close to the restaurant without interfering with other skiers. It was a great day for all one that my daughter remembers 15+ years later. Her fearlessness and pasion for the sport is why she has become a level 9 skier! 

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