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Interesting Article and Move by Snowshoe's X president Frank Deberry
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter
19 days ago

My impression is that there were plenty of locals who bought an Ikon pass intead of a Crystal-only season pass.  Alterra announced the aquisition of Crystal in September and the deal closed by early Oct, long before the deadline for buying Ikon.  The Crystal pass is around $1300.  Even Full Ikon was several hundred dollars less.  For those who can only ski weekends and perhaps one ski vacation or two, Ikon made more sense.  I can’t imagine there are huge numbers of travelers who are flying and using Ikon to head to Crystal.

The weekend in mid-January that caused the huge parking mess happened after there were 2 storms midweek.  Obviously people who had to work who probably didn’t ski when there were holiday crowds couldn’t wait to get on the slopes that Saturday.

Here’s a different take on the move that looks at the change in a bigger perspective.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
19 days ago

Here’s the original Open Letter on the Crystal website:

The folks around SLC are wondering if the day ticket limits that Deer Valley and Powder Mountain have might be a strategy considered by the LCC/BCC ski resorts given the complaints about traffic and parking in recent years.

19 days ago

What’s more concerning to me is the decline in the # of skiers. Not to change the subject, but I noticed the link in the article:

Ad: Massanutten Resort

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