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Snow reason not to share.
At least it is REALLY snowing somewhere
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“All Summit County ski areas are measuring their snow totals in the double digits Friday morning, with Breckenridge Ski Resort racking up 19 inches, most of it falling overnight. Copper Mountain Resort is reporting 17 inches, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area got 14 inches, and Keystone Resort is reporting 11 inches.

“With snowfall rates of 1+ inch per hour, these 5 am Friday estimates might be much lower than what you find on the hill,” meteorologist Joel Gratz wrote in his OpenSnow blog. “Also, winds are very strong, so expect to find some areas with little snow and some areas with a lot more than this.”

one month ago
Look at the lift line at Vail this morning. It makes the infamous ball hooter lift lines look tame.
one month ago

alta/snowbird has been closed 2 days now. because too much snow and avy control

one month ago

Looks like the 2 day total is 39 inches for Breck. Another storm is coming.

one month ago

Net result of all the snow was a death at Steamboat after a skier went headfirst into a tree well.

one month ago

2010 MD 100+ year record 90 inches of snow. 40 hours of non productive digging. :o) 

2002 same type of winter like we have this year little real snow and little long term cold. We do at least have better snow making. 

Learn the weather pattern and adjust a bit. 


one month ago

Breck has recorded the snowiest  February in history — over 7 feet of fresh — with just short of two weeks to go in the month, and with snow in the forecast, it’ll be interesting to see what the Feb. 2020 total turns out to be.



one month ago

Bob,  Send some this way!!!

MorganB aka The Colonel


one month ago

Heading to Big Sky in 12 days and like Breckenridge they are nearing 7 feet of snow already in February, luckily the long range 8-14 day forecast still shows a high probability of below average temps while unfortunately the East will continue to be above average.

Unfortunately no optimism at all about a return to Winter here in March.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one month ago

Caught an 18-inch storm at Steamboat the last few days.  :-)

Good thing it’s easy to spread out on the different peaks given that it was a holiday weekend.  Local kids have winter break this week, which meant lots of families were on the mountain on Monday.

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