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“TIMBERLINE 2021…The PERFECT mid-Atlantic Gathering!” (New Thread)
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4 months ago

JimK wrote:

Vince and I just had a talk about this thread.  We empathize so strongly.  I’ve skied and enjoyed the mid-A for 50+ years and Vince recalls several mid-A winters as recently as 2013-2015, before he moved to Utah, when the seasons were pretty strong with nice early and late skiing.  Hopefully that cycle returns.

I kind of doubt I will be in the mid-A next winter at the normal time for a gathering, but won’t rule it out completely.

Thanks Jim for the sliver of hope that you will gathermeister a 2021 mid-Atlantic slopeside gathering at Timberline, even if it might be a bit earlier than norm to fit your schedule. We need to have faith in the Perfect team to have things ready for us next year!

OK DCSkiers, PUGSkiers, heck, anyone, let’s encourage JimK to organize the event, and encourage some of the TL regulars to offer to assist him!

“TIMBERLINE 2021…The PERFECT mid-Atlantic Gathering!”

MorganB aka The Colonel

4 months ago

Ok guys.  I’ll bite.  If appearances mean anything, the towers from the thunderstruck lift are getting on the ground and in the parking lot beside the chairs.  Now may be a good time to look at rentals slopeside for next season.  Also, Timberline realty is not anymore. The new owners have no plan to get into property management at this time. 

4 months ago

For info, I copied a current post from kwillg6 in another thread. MorganB aka The Colonel


5 hours ago

Chair towers on the ground.  My inside source whisprered a fixed grip quad with reconfiguring the base and top.   Probably bag mid station off the quad.  The Queen is being diassembled as well.  Chairs and shieves down.  Maybe another fixed grip quad?  They could run a shorter lift to mid and install several conveyor beginner lifts in the base area.  Lodge will remain but be upgraded inside and made more comfy.  I expect the first aid building to become a bonfire.  Not very serviceable at the moment.  The junk has been alll cleaned up and old groomers are waiting for transport to a place that will use them for parts.   I’m impressed with Perfect North, although probably no pub.  Get your rental slopeside and skirt that issue.  They are well aware of the pump issues and I expect most to get resolved this summer.  Water lines will be an ongoing project but when is it not?   

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