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The Northeast Faceshield Project, GoFundMe for materials only
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Updated one month ago
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marzNC - DCSki Supporter
one month ago

The Northeast Facefield Project is getting funding from a GoFundMe campaign to make faceshield using 3D printers for healthcare workers in the northeast.  Reached the original goal of $10,000 fast enough to now have a target of $25,000.  Volunteers are doing the 3D printing and coordinating delivery.

One of the team members spreading the word about the project is The Ski Diva, who happens to live in Vermont.

Denis - DCSki Supporter
one month ago

I just donated all my goggles to these guys, 

plus a couple of N95 masks that I was saving for next fire season here in CA

one month ago

A stem teacher got permission recently to use the three aD printers in his closed high school to make face masks! Deliveries have already started

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