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11 days ago

with some beaches opening a friend and I decided to try some stand up paddle surfing, both novices from trying last season.

   Sunday it was ok water temperature mid to upper 50’s but the best action was seeing dolphins swimming around.

Monday was much better , things clicked and was riding some small waves for some long rides finally getting the hang and doing something with a similar feel of drifting through powder.

can’t wait to try some more, does anyone go on the east coast 

Denis - DCSki Supporter
11 days ago

thanks.  Love this post.  I’d be a surfer if I could swim decently, and were say 50 years younger.

10 days ago

Only a surfer knows the feeling…dropping in since 1973 and have surfed at least once every year since…yew!

7 days ago

It is a great feeling! Especially with all that is going on, I finally have something to get me thru non skiing times

I hope all are safe

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