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An effective conduit to snowsports enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic and beyond

Are you looking for a way to market to winter sports and outdoor enthusiasts? If so, you've come to the right place.

For over 25 years, DCSki has attracted a large readership due to its original feature stories, extensive resort profiles, and interactive message forum. Described by the Washington Post as "exemplary," DCSki has become a waypoint for skiers and snowboarders as they plan ski trips in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Flexible pricing model

We want to make DCSki's audience accessible to advertisers large and small. You can immediately view pricing details without contacting us or registering. Our interactive pricing system allows you to instantly explore different pricing models, seeing how the total package price varies as you adjust the months you'd like to include in your campaign. Prior advertisers also receive a generous discount. We don't charge by impression or click-through; packages are fixed price, allowing you to better allocate your advertising budget.

Ultimate Ad Package

If you're looking for maximum value, the Ultimate advertising package on DCSki provides unparalleled exposure and impact. The package begins with an absolutely palatial canvas for your ad: a full 1,800 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall (scaled to cover nearly the whole width of DCSki pages). You can use this canvas to create an impactful graphical ad (in JPEG, non-animated GIF, or PNG formats). Starting with such a high resolution, your ad should look crisp regardless of the size of the reader's device.

You can also have multiple ads (up to eight) running at the same time, at no extra charge. You can request free ad substitutions at any time.

Build an ideal package by picking exactly the months you'd like to run your ads. We offer significant discounts for prior advertisers and for advertisers selecting full-year packages.

Visit the DCSki Guidelines and Advertising Agreement for additional details and requirements for advertising on DCSki.

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