Chronicling the Corduroy

Twenty five years ago, if you wanted to learn about ski resorts, there weren't too many options. You could call local resorts to find out what conditions were like, but the call was often a toll call, and the conditions -- suspiciously -- were always "excellent." You might pick up a brochure at a local ski shop or trade show, or ask friends for tips and advice.

Information wasn't terribly easy to come by.

About DCSki

That frustrated M. Scott Smith, who had recently been bit by the skiing bug. He thought others could benefit from hearing about his experiences -- good or bad -- at Mid-Atlantic ski areas.

In 1994, Scott launched DCSki, aiming to provide an independent voice to passionate skiers and snowboarders. Initially, DCSki was distributed via an e-mail newsletter to subscribers. Soon after, DCSki was born on the web. Since then, millions of visitors have relied on DCSki to deliver the most compelling and comprehensive resources for snowsports enthusiasts in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

The award-winning DCSki isn't just an on-line publication; it's a lively community. Each year, readers contribute their own stories and exchange thousands of messages in the Forum. DCSki's readers come from across the Mid-Atlantic to the far reaches of the globe, from a variety of backgrounds but with one common trait: an unbridled passion for skiing and snowboarding.

From its humble beginnings, DCSki retains its independent roots. We invite you to explore resources across the site, and to become a member of our community.

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DCSki welcomes news tips, story suggestions, and even guest columns. Got a question about the site? How about a suggestion? We're eager to hear your comments -- visit this page to learn how to reach Scott.

Please note that DCSki does not accept "advertorial" or sponsored content and does not participate in link swapping with other sites. All stories on DCSki are written by our own writers and maintain strict editorial independence.

About Scott

DCSki was envisioned and is operated by M. Scott Smith. Scott writes the articles, takes the photographs, designs the pages, programs the site, pays the bill, and (allegedly) catches a wink of sleep now and then.

Scott majored in computer science at Drexel University. In addition to DCSki, Scott works full-time as a computer scientist and researcher. He also recently started a tech blog called Past Yonder, which provides news and insights into the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence.

Scott's passions are not limited to skiing (although he certainly does like to ski). An avid photographer and outdoor enthusiast, Scott loves to travel and explore. He occasionally documents his adventures on his personal blog. Scott spends most weekends at his Catoctin Mountain cabin, which has provided ample opportunities for him to burnish his home improvement skills.


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