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Need an excuse for your limited performance?  

Look to your creator or the process.  At almost 58 I have learned medical science the hard way.  No way are any of us perfect.

MRI's prove this to me. The cervical Spinal canal of mine is smaller than normal. 

Many MRI will show problems but if there is no pain - no need to treat them. 

Most times a neck pinch can be fixed in a month or less, 85% recover with no intervention.

To make coordinating the medical team easy, I built a web page.   Have one for Diabetes, Heart, Hip, now neck. 

Posture is a  lifetime goal. If you keyboard for 40+ years the result can be NECK/Shoulder pain. 

The next 10 days will add- EMG Nerve conduction test - Very cool to see how nerves talk. 

Pain Mgmt Doctor who specializes in Cervical Spinal epidural injection. 

The goal is to reduce inflammation of nerve roots C7 - seen to have impinged roots on both sides.

Get off narcotic pain mgmt. ( Codeine I found to be less anti-motivating vs Hydro or Oxy) 

In 2008 - in dual axial traction, which worked well and prevented surgery. That time I  had numb thumbs and index fingers.

I need to try this again with a home setup.


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Very sorry to learn of this.  Sigh!
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Hi, denis all good a learning experience.  I have gained more info. I can still ski and race just need to understand risks.

At 58 body is worn a bit.  Like a car needs more maint. 

        My mind coach from many years ago would say, no fairness in life, take what you have and make it better. 

Pretty much my body and MRIs prove GOD or whoever .... needs a quality improvement program.

Each of us is different down to our genetic level and we do not choose. Be blessed to be alive.

MORE DATA - MRI is a golden standard - Many have findings but if no pain and no symptoms no treatment.

Dr. Bernheimer my neurologist - EMG/Nerve test- Diabetic neuropathy masked some of the tests, but we did rule out:

MS, Parkinson's, lupus, autoimmune, etc a long list.  B12 was fine, 2  other blood tests for inflammation were very very low. 

He was really good and went out of his way to explain things. He could tell my desire to learn and wanted to know as much as possible about sports performance.

My speed of neuron activate to muscle engage time is 50 meters a sec. avg.

1 meter = 1/50 sec.   We race at 15.6 meters a sec. at the top maybe  7 meters a sec 

Ski racing this matters: 

    I think when to turn to make my first critical turn. Thinking clutters the sensors and the processing. You blow this turn it matters.

    Don't think, Just DO, Trust DO 

When late at gate rules, takes two gates to make up the rhythm, but the usual effect is getting later and later at each gate.

Pain Management Specialist - Dr. Coleman. Anest and Cervical A team doc. Notice I have a team and have a good idea who to use -

Thank my brother-in-law. 

The plan is least invasive, best practice, and diagnostics.  Avoid fusion and surgery if possible.

The plan is mid-Apr 3 to 4 injections. Called a medial branch block.  C2/3 (ear numb) C4/5 (side numb) C7/T1 (impingement and junk)

May work may not but is diagnostic and does not enter the spinal canal. 


The diagram explains where the nerve is located and under fluoroscopy less chance of issues.

Also - PAin mgmt -


Tylenol #3 = 30 mg Codeine + 300 mg acetaminophen   every 8 to  12 hrs. can add extended-release 650 mg acetaminophen 

never go above 3000 mg acetaminophen in 24 hrs and do not drink alcohol

Codeine does not ruin my motivation like OXY or HYDRO.  I need the motivation to do my rehab with stretch bands.

 More info at ARP 19. 

MBB I can have 3 series of shots over 3 months. Again trial and error in science. 

Take care everyone. Get those physicals and lab work done. If you cannot afford there are ways to get it done. 

 Vitamin D deficient, Low HDL, only detected by blood labs. 


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