The resort formerly known as Squaw Valley
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Denis - DCSki Supporter
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Denis wrote:

There’s quite a bit more.  My choice for the new name was Olympic valley; thought it was a no-brainer.  The 1960 olympics were one of the greatest ever and put squaw and the Winter Olympics on the map for Americans.  In a sense I got my wish.  Palisades Tahoe is now the overarching name for a single huge ski area with sub-names Olympic valley for one side and Alpine for the other side.  This is doubtless in anticipation of a tram connecting the two, which has been talked about and hotly debated for years.  I’m opposed.  I would hate to see European style ski circuses in America.  The mountains themselves deserve some space and respect, IMHO.

I also believe that the palisades name will draw unprepared and unqualified people to try skiing them.  Before this I’ll bet that many people who skied Squaw had never heard of the palisades.  Now every testosterone crazed young male will want to find it and try it for bragging rights.  The management may come to regret this.

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8 days ago
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I've only been to Squaw a couple days, and really haven't skied much of the terrain.  First time was in 2010 when it was snowing hard so no visibility.  Second time was in May 2018 just for a quick look on the way between Bachelor and Mammoth.  Never really registered that part of the area was called the Palisades.

When I hear "Palisades," I think of the cliffs across the Hudson from New York City and the Palisades Parkway in NJ going to Bear Mountain Park. :-)

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