Southwest schedule open for the 2021-22 ski season
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one month ago
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Yesterday Southwest opened up their flight schedule for essentially the entire ski season.  Goes through April 24, which is longer than usual.  Probably because April 17 is Easter Sunday.

I booked flights for a trip to Taos from RDU in early February, as did several of my friends going the same week.  Prices were quite good from the east.  Ironically the prices were high for a friend who lives in California.  Other friends trying to get to Reno from the northeast were finding the connections were lousy.

marzNC - DCSki Supporter
27 days ago
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For folks looking at Southwest flights, do they seem more expensive, about the same, or less expensive?  Meaning compared to pre-pandemic.  How is the schedule?

My friend in California is looking at flights to ABQ for a trip to Taos.  The connections are a lot worse from SoCal.

For me, the flights from RDU are back to normal.  Price last week for my usual early morning flight to ABQ was about as low as I've seen it in the last five years.

27 days ago
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The ones I’ve been looking at are really close to the same price I’ve paid prior to last year. (~$300 round trip) 

Nice thing with southwest is I’ll continue to monitor the sales, and gladly take any credits if prices change :)

Ironically the week we are going to steamboat it was cheaper to fly from Dulles to Denver to Hayden than it would have been to have Denver as our destination. 

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