Road Conditions this Monday
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RodneyBD - DCSki Supporter 
8 months ago
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Hi all, with storm being predicted to wind down Monday afternoon, any guesses as to what kind of shape Corridor H and 48 east of Wardensville will be like at the end of the day?
Laurel Highlands
8 months ago
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With 12-18" in the forecast and wind,  into monday, would say not good to travel.  However, some great skiing to be had if you are in no rush to drive back.  
8 months ago
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Ah wind, 2005 I drove from timberline north to wisp at night in a nice storm. The whiteouts were many from the wind. I made it fine not many on the road.  It would depend on the depth of snow in the roadway. I was driving FWD 4 door. 

key tips: to get uphill, weight, speed, and slope determine optimal speed. too little you stop and slip.

Know about D1, D2, D3 in automatic transmissions.  


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