My very first ski bum trip
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Blue Don 1982 - DCSki Supporter 
5 months ago
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Well, it only took 58 years, but I managed a 6 day ski bum trip originating in OH, via Western NY, Central NY, into VT and back.  3 ski areas plus a Bonus Day for any Pittsburgh Pirates fans of old. 

Here's a mini blog with some tidbits of this wonderful adventure if you care to dive into some of the details and stops along the way..

Spoiler Alert - this is not as good or detailed as any of Jim Kenney's TRs so set your expectations accordingly low.  
5 months ago
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Sweet! You definitely did it up right; start planing for the next one!
5 months ago
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Blue Don 1982 wrote:

plus a Bonus Day for any Pittsburgh Pirates fans of old.   

So, Maz is in the Hall of Fame? I went to a Pirates game in the late 90s and saw an old man sitting by himself below the corporate suite I was in (a work trip). So I went and sat beside him for a while and talked baseball. That is a kinda weird thing I've done since I started going to MLB games as a young kid (w/ my grandfather). There was a big banner saying "MAZ 2K". He knew that the "Maz" meant Mazerowski, and he didn't know what "2K" meant. I told him it meant the year 2000. So we figured he was up for the HoF in 2000. Guess he made it!!!

JimK - DCSki Columnist
5 months ago
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The best trip reports are about YOUR travel adventures :-)

MLB HoF stopover is definitely a neat add-on to a ski trip!

bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
4 months ago
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Blue Don, what a great road trip and report!  Glad that you've joined the ranks of the ski bums.

I've had Bristol Mountain and Holiday Valley on my side shelf for too long.  Your writeup encourages me to move them up on my list.  That hardpack at Sugarbush would have been tough for me to negotiate.  

Thanks for your tips, thoughts, descriptions, and photos.  Here's to the next one. ⛷


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