OT - Kayaking season around DC
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I have mentioned this before -- something to do outdoors when the snow has melted...

Starting this weekend, most if not all DC area flat water kayaking rental locations will be open.

I have compiled a map/directory for over 20 of them in one place -- dckayaking.com. The Potomac, Anacostia, Occoquan, Patuxent and South rivers and several lakes are included.

Flat-water kayaking is a fun high-energy, low-impact exercise for most age groups. The DC area offers several different kayaking experiences.


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.. except when y'all ignore "the book" and waterway rules. When we had our Chris Craft Constellation we'd refer to them as "crunchies" like tank commanders. Geez is there any way a 50 foot, 18 ton cruiser can "sneak up behind you" giving you 5 bells while you drift port to starboard and back while I am trying to plot a reasonable course? Skill set please! Check Rule 9 - (b) A vessel of less than 20 meters in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel ‹ which › ‹‹ that ›› can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway.

Guess what - the entire Potomac is a dredged channel. We drafted over 10 feet.

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Kayaking is my summer and fall activity. During May, June, September and October, I kayak around Baltimore and there are plenty of places to kayak. Just north of the City line is Lake Roland, the original water supply lake for the city. While the water is not pristine, the lake is very convenient.


1653714743_xchckfvfqrtx.jpgTidal water opportunities are plentiful. I love Gunpowder State Park which is very scenic, there are few yahoo’s on jet skis or drunken boaters who think they own the river.

1653714946_kmsxbozgkcna.jpg1653714984_leabuwepyivq.jpgFlat water kayaking for me is a zen like activity. The closer you get to the open Bay, it can get a little more exciting depending on wave heights. 

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