I skied today, it was a joy.
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Denis - DCSki Supporter 
10 months ago (edited 10 months ago)
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The first baby steps in 2 years.   Cross country on lightweight backcountry gear.  Lifts and downhill coming soon.



Surgeries, rehabs and age had me concerned that skiing might be over.  I didn’t know they’d open today.  I was there only for the used equipment sale.

https://tahoexc.org/ski-swap   They are taking XC and backcountry stuff, no alpine gear.

Flexibility issues mean that I can not get into a tall stiff boot and have great difficulty operating a telemark cable heel lever.  I don’t, i.e. can’t, do that anymore.  I need step-in bindings and low 3 buckle boots now.  So a lot of great, even beloved gear is going for sale.  I sincerely hope that the next owners are local kids or ski bums who will love it as much as I did.  


Laurel Hill Crazie - DCSki Supporter 
10 months ago
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That's great, Denis. I hope you have a good season.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
10 months ago (edited 10 months ago)
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Go get 'em Denis!  Early snows out West are causing some record openings.  We're supposed to get a good cold snap this week in the mid-Atlantic.  Hope some of the resorts will jump on that and start making snow?!?
10 months ago
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Denis - Niccce! I was planning to go to Heavenly or Northstar today but emmmm that $120 life ticket price kinda put the damper on that. I'm happily working on ski tuning today.
10 months ago
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Woohoo, great to hear that Denis.

Hope you have a long, deep season

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